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Developing great places to work
We're proud of our heritage and evolution at Gazella. We use our combined years of HR experience in businesses ranging from 5 to 5000 employees to deliver logical, creative, professional solutions to people and business issues.
Why use Gazella?  We bring you:
-        a wide-ranging knowledge of HR and business change;
-        straightforward, practical help and common sense;
-        a sense of what is possible.
We help you to:
-        remove the HR problems that hold your business back and keep you awake at night
-        develop your business into a place where great people want to work.
We’ll bring solutions to your HR challenges. With a sense of humour.
We won’t blind you with the science and jargon of legislation or best practice.
And we won’t throw our hands up in despair if you don't always toe the conventional line.
How will we help you?
Companies don't grow in straight lines. You'll have periods of growth, and times when consolidation is necessary. When your business is growing, we’ll help you to plan, organise, recruit and retain the people you need to deliver your big plans. If it's time to restructure, we’ll help you through the maze of options, then work with you to deliver effective, legally-compliant change.
At Gazella, we deliver tailored solutions. Our job is to free up you and your team, leaving you to do what you do best - running your business, delivering great service, broadening your horizons and staying ahead of the competition.

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