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It's the depth of HR experience which underpins Gazella's pragmatic, professional approach


Roger Davies

Does the phrase 'HR' ever make you want to scream out loud? Is it all about bureaucracy and paperwork that stops you running your business?  I can see that.
You know your business needs easy-to-understand, robust and legally-compliant contracts and policies. We do that but it’s just the start. Our real value at Gazella comes in helping you as your Virtual HR Director to:
-        create the right culture, aligned to your values and purpose;
-        recruit and retain excellent people who fit your business
-        develop and bring out the best in your team;
-        set pay and rewards at the right level;
-        manage poor performance, dismissals and redundancies in the right way
We can also help you get business acquisitions right first time and develop an HR strategy to take your business onwards and upwards.
When you employ people, you're making an investment in the future. My aim is to maximise the return on that investment. My drive, and that of Gazella, the company that I started, is to deliver the right result for your business, quickly and efficiently.
HR for me is a framework tto deliver business growth. It's not a blocker and should never be “HR for HR's sake”.
At Gazella, we don't just talk about it. We do it. Think of us a highly efficient 'plug and play' service for your business.
My background is in multi-site, high volume, operational HR, so I’ve experienced most things in HR from the very good to the bad and even the ugly. I bring that to bear with clients day in, day out, getting to the heart of the problem quickly to allow you to get on with delivering growth and value. Your virtual HR Director.
Outside work? I'm a cyclist, a fanatical tennis and real tennis player, and an avid Welsh rugby fan (watcher rather than player), following the regions as well as the national team. As a Welshman, I would never say that I support any team that's playing England (but it can sometimes look like that). Favourite book? One Hundred Years of Solitude. Favourite music? Everything from Neil Young and Joni Mitchell to Prokofiev and Shostakovich to John Coltrane and Miles Davis. Favourite drink(s)?  Good coffee and good wine.
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Beyond me?   Gazella works with a number of practised and experienced HR professionals and consultants who bring their own experience to support every aspect of developing your business as a great place to work.
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