Developing great places to work
At Gazella, we help you to grow your company as a great place to work - a place where people want to be. We work with business owners who know in their hearts that their business is more than the next order. These are businesses that are profitable because they employ great people who do great things for their customers and for each other, day-in, day-out.

We're your Virtual HR Director, providing pragmatic HR solutions when and where you need them. Like the gazelle, we're proud of our ability, clear on our strengths and capable of fast responses in a highly competitive world - we don't just talk about your HR problems. We fix them.

'If you’re faced with a difficult situation involving senior people in your organisation, I strongly recommend you seek expert advice and a step-by step approach to moving forward in the most professional way possible. And that’s what you get from Gazella.' (Val King. The Rooflight Company)
"To be able to talk to someone like Roger, who understood our issues, reassured me. He understands the issues that small businesses go through...." (Margot Grantham, WDG Research LLP)
“It is of great comfort to me knowing that advice regarding HR is just a phone call away..” Rob Rudd,

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